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Commercial Painting West Chicago IL

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Commercial Painting West Chicago IL

Commercial Painting West Chicago IL

For most anyone who owns a business, acquiring a commercial property is a major investment that involves consistent maintenance to sustain and enhance value. If you are the owner of a commercial property in DuPage or Kane County, exterior painting is an essential part of caring for it.

Reasons to Schedule Commercial Painting West Chicago IL

Exterior paints can endure for many years when top-quality products are selected and applied by experienced professionals. However, there are signs that a paint job is due for updating to ensure the building presents a good first impression:

-It has been many years since your building received fresh paint. In general, contractors advise repainting the exteriors of commercial buildings every three to five years. Naturally, environmental conditions play a big part in determining how often your exteriors require Commercial Painting West Chicago IL. Because Illinois is an area that experiences rain and snow, exteriors need refreshing more often than a building located in a milder climate.

-Fading colors. Direct, continual exposure to sunlight and other factors like wind and rain can cause paint to fade. Because it takes place gradually, color loss is not always easy to see. For reference, take a photo of your building after its most recent painting. Once you begin to notice a clear difference in color, it’s the right time to call American Painting Inc. to schedule an estimate on a new paint job.

-Signs of disrepair. Paint is critical when it comes to protecting a commercial building against the elements of nature. Exterior paint functions as a sealant for the siding, which helps keep out damaging moisture. Quality paint protects exteriors surfaces from UV rays, water, changes in temperature, dirt and more.

Mildew, rot, mold and peeling paint are all sign that your building needs a fresh, protective coat of paint.

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