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Commercial Painting South Elgin IL

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Commercial Painting South Elgin IL

Commercial Painting South Elgin IL

To maintain aesthetic appeal and preserve value, it’s critical to know when you should repaint your commercial building. When a coating of paint gets to the end of its effective lifespan and begins showing signs of age, it’s time to call the experts at American Painting Inc. for a new, quality paint job.

Noticing specific problems and deterioration with a paint job as early on as possible helps to avoid additional structural problems. Here are some warnings that indicate your business is needs Commercial Painting South Elgin IL.

-Dull color. Even though paint fade is often viewed as a cosmetic matter, there can more to consider. Though lightening of colors may have various causes it usually results from when the paint application deteriorates.

After color starts to noticeably fade and appears dull, it is no longer providing the degree of protection your exterior surfaces require. Our expert painters can refresh your business with bright and appealing new color that will be inviting to your customers!

-Growth of mildew or mold. Often the consequence of too much moisture and inadequate air circulation, the issue of mold growth can be a common problem for commercial building owners in Illinois. But even though it’s common, mildew and mold are far from harmless.

Along with moisture, it can cause major problems for the integrity of a structure. Given these potential negative effects, it’s important to repaint your building at the first sign of mold issues.

-Paint peeling and cracking. Cracks are a typical sign of paint deterioration. Even a few thin cracks can lead to the spread of more, larger cracks. Although they might not result in exposure of the substrate, cracks can steadily extend over large sections and lead to peeling paint.

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