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When did you last repaint the exterior of your commercial building? If it has been more than a few years, you may not realize how transformative a new coat of quality paint can be! For example, a simple update from off-white to a brighter white or other neutral color will make your building look new again. But even without a color change, it can be surprising to see how an aging coat of old paint can fade over time. A new application of paint for your building’s interior walls and its exteriors provides an instant upgrade that takes years off its general appearance.

Show Customers Your Business is Well-Maintained.

Besides a general updating, new paint can also provide a subtle yet effective boost from a marketing standpoint. You can draw new interest from potential customers when you make your retail store, office or restaurant appear more welcoming.

Signify a Change

As your business continues to evolve, perhaps you will update your website, logo or the signage at your location. These rebranding efforts may include a change in the color schemes you use. Repainting your building in that new scheme will maintain consistent and look great!

-Increase foot traffic. It’s only natural that people tend to feel more welcome by businesses that look maintained and appealing. If your business relies on drawing in new customers to your site, the exterior of your building is critical. In addition, once they are inside your location, new interior painting makes for a more pleasant environment that encourages customers to remain.

If you manage or own a shopping plaza, for example, a new application of paint for your interiors can help draw more traffic to your stores.

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