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Industrial Painters Batavia IL

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Industrial Painters Batavia IL

Industrial Painters Batavia IL

Among the factors that sets our well-trained painting crews apart from other contractors is our years of experience helping manufacturer facilities achieve and maintain their maintenance standards. Practically anyone is able to paint a few walls, our Industrial Painters Batavia IL are able to handle the most challenging, intricate jobs and determine the safest and most efficient to manage them.

When you choose to hire American Painting Inc., you will gain peace of mind knowing that your complex industrial painting and floor coating projects will be finished safely, according to schedule and on budget. For warehouse and manufacturing facilities, we can assist your enterprise with:

-Epoxy flooring systems.
-Ceiling painting.
-Corrosion and rust control.
-Line striping
-Holiday season and facility downtime projects.
-Thermal shock resistance flooring.
-Electrostatic painting solutions for machinery.

American Painting Inc. brings years of industrial painting expertise experience to each job we do, handling a variety projects successfully for our valued clients. If you ceilings in a sprawling manufacturing facility with machinery on the main floor or a concrete silo in need of coating, our Industrial Painters Batavia IL have the procedures in place to complete the job correctly and according to your needs.

With high dollar, complex projects and lots of moving components with possible risks, we know that construction contractors have to be very selective when it comes choosing a painting contractor. American Painting Inc. is a preferred option for contractors that know they may depend on our seasoned crews

Benefits of coatings for agricultural operations
Quality coatings and paints, when properly applied on prepared surfaces, deliver advantages to prolong the value and lifespan of agricultural machinery:

-Resistance to wear, abrasion and chemicals.
-Rust and corrosion resistance.
-Easier to clean and maintain.
-Improves appearance.

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