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Painters Near Me Carol Stream IL

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Painters Near Me Carol Stream IL

Painters Near Me Carol Stream IL

Welcome to American Painting Inc. Our professional painting solutions for commercial clients include interior and exterior painting, color consultation and power washing. We have provided top quality painting services for a variety of commercial sectors such as retailers, office complexes, healthcare facilities, condominium and apartments, parking garages and lots more.

Our expertise as commercial Painters Near Me Carol Stream IL gets excellent results that fulfills and surpasses customers expectations.

When the time comes to paint your commercial building, it’s critical to choose a contractor ready to handle the particular challenges and safety issues of the job. Our focus on delivering quality results for our customers has enabled us to build a positive reputation unmatched in the painting industry.

If you’re seeing the following signs, your commercial building is probably overdue for a new coat of paint

-Fading, dull color. Due to factors like sun exposure, rain and wind, exterior paints inevitably lose their color and become duller. Your customers may start to notice the paint isn’t as bright and appealing as it used to be. This provides an opportunity to apply a new and attractive color scheme. A fresh application of paint can to give your commercial building a valuable upgrade.

-Stain. While it’s possible to clean some stains and discoloration from exterior surfaces, others are far more stubborn and difficult to remove. The solution is repainting with new, vibrant colors. Our expert painters can help you select quality paint that will be resistant to staining and the elements.

-Peeling, chipped paint. Another apparent indicator that you’ll need to contact Painters Near Me Carol Stream IL is when the paint starts to peel and crack. You might also spot gaps forming upon the surface, which is another indicator your walls are due for repainting.

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